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Professional stay in Belgium: why should you prefer the apart-hotel to an apartment?

When you are looking for an accommodation in Belgium, we tend to choose to rent an apartment. And yet, this is not the simplest nor the most practical solution. The apart-hotel is however an option that must be taken into account when staying longer. Luxury apart-hotel complex in Louvain-la-Neuve, the Martin’s All Suites explains why.

No logistic problems with an apart-hotel

Housing in an apartment requires a lot of logistics and organisation as well as a time-consuming administrative and budgetary management. The apart-hotel concept saves you all that. Renting this type of accommodation is quick and easy. A phone call, a credit card to formalize the reservation and you can just set your bags down

  • No inventory to be made before and after the rental
  • No deposit to pay
  • No need to use external service providers for electricity, heating wi-fi, water, etc.
  • Already laid out. No need to buy furniture
  • Equipped for everyday life

Choosing an apart-hotel saves you time and money.

You would enjoy hotel services while staying at home

In an apartment you would feel at home. The apart-hotel offers the same sensation with the significant advantage of being able to enjoy hotel services. You benefit from services designed to make your daily life easier and which allows you to stay focused on the purpose of your presence in Belgium:

  • Ironing your clothes
  • Housekeeping and change of bed and bathroom linen
  • Delivery of meals
  • Concierge 
  • Etc.

Activities to relax, infrastructure to work

An apartment is usually part of a residence no more. An apart-hotel is integrated into a hotel complex offering many other services than just an accommodation. Take the example of the Louvain-la-Neuve resort. It offers in its infrastructures not only space for fitness and a spa but also a business centre with rooms for seminars or coworking. It is possible to attend cooking classes or to attend concerts or exhibitions. Residing in the city also gives the opportunity to participate in local life through cultural and sports activities.

You develop a sense of belonging to a community

In an apart-hotel complex, as an expatriate, you meet other expats, other people whose reason for their presence is professional. You rub shoulders daily with the reception staff and the regulars. You end up feeling a sense of belonging to a community among the apart-hotel residents.

Interested in an apart-hotel accommodation in Belgium?

Enjoy one of the four-star apart-hotels in the Martin’s All Suites resort in Louvain-la-Neuve. Enjoy a luxury accommodation with all amenities close to Brussels. We are at your disposal to inquire about our services and develop a tailor-made rental quote for you. Don’t hesitate to contact our team by phone or via our online form.

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